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We ease the process of bringing in newly-registered medicines from abroad. This is done by liaising with your country’s regulatory agency in  dealing with all the necessary documentation.


If there is a  more suitable treatment option for your patient in the US or EU, there is no reason to wait for  possible access.  Novitan works with healthcare professionals to broaden treatment options for patients worldwide. Our team of licensed pharmacists is working closely with all clients to ascertain access to the right medicine at the right time.


Patients rely upon their physician to make sure that they get the best and most effective treatment. In order to be offered the widest range of treatment options available, physicians consider it essential to be able to use unlicensed medicines and to have access to medicines throughout the entire product lifecycle.


The hospital pharmacist is supposed to connect the patients with the medicines they need in a quick, safe and compliant way once they have been prescribed. However, the procedures and processes in gaining access to unlicensed medicines are complex and exigent: some of the challenges to medicine access are: speed and reliability of the supply, security of the supply chain, safety of the patient and regulatory hurdles.


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