Healthcare Dedicated Solutions

Novitan provides commercial services with a focus on innovative medicines mainly destined for hospital use.


These innovative lifesaving medicines need to be handled with care and therefore require an experienced and dedicated company.


As an international company, Novitan is often audited by big pharma and global CRO’s / CDMO's. We therefore apply the highest international quality standards and differentiate ourselves from local companies.

Specialized Logistic Services

Increasing complexity and regulation in the supply of medicines, require a specialist solutions provider adhering to the highest quality norms.


Novitan provides integrated logistic solutions, including storage, handling and distribution.


We are specialized in handling temperature sensitive, innovative medicines.



Commercial support and assistance

Novitan offers pharma and biotech companies support and assistance in commercializing their medicines, both on a national and an international level.


Throughout our extensive global network, we are a trustworthy commercial partner for international sales. This  allows pharma & biotech companies not willing to invest in international sales, to receive assistance and support in boosting their sales in specific foreign markets, thereby relying on an international partner such as Novitan.


Located in the heart of Europe, we are perfectly positioned to be your distribution partner.


clinical trials supported each year


shipments worldwide


years of knowhow and experience