We ensure exceptional and reliable quality in all aspects of our work and recognize that quality determines the extent of our success.

Our Quality Excellence

Novitan’s commitment to quality is guaranteed through a comprehensively designed and correctly implemented pharmaceutical Quality System, incorporating risk management principles and regulatory pharmaceutical guidelines (GDP, GMP, GCP). 


Throughout the organisation, we are devoted to quality excellence: we permanently strive to enhance our standards, do persevering quality-checks in line with the FMD-directive and believe in continuous training of our people. After all, we are fully aware of the significance of the patients’ safety and well-being.

Experienced team

We believe in continuous training and sharing knowledge within the company through our own 'Novitan academy'.

Our motto is 'never stop learning' and we always keep questioning how we can be the best. Our highly skilled personnel together with our extensive international network contribute to the high-end quality services that we can offer both on a logical and a strategic level.


We pride ourselves in our transparent quality guarantee and invite all existing and prospective customers to audit our facilities and experience our superior quality standards. It is our professional duty to service our clients’ needs with the utmost attention and care.


Strict quality procedures


Highly skilled personnel


GDP certified


shipments worldwide


clinical trials supported each year


years of knowhow and experience