COVID-19 Measures

As the global impact of COVID-19 continues to evolve, we are implementing precautions and policies to protect the health and safety of our employees, while ensuring the continuity of the supply of medicinal products to our clients.


Novitan is closely following-up on local government policies and has a business contingency plan in place:


  • Health and safety guidance protocols are updated to prevent spreading the virus following guidance of the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendations. The hygiene and sanitization practices, as well as procedures in the event employees come in contact with a person of known or suspected COVID-19 exposure, were communicated to all employees.
  • All administrative functions are equipped with portable notebook computers and work home-based.
  • The operations are split-up in two shifts mitigating the possible spread of the virus and ensuring continuity.

The depth of process knowledge across our teams helps to build redundancy and enables seamless transfer of project responsibilities if deemed necessary.


At the moment, we do not have any supply constraints and supplies can proceed as planned.


We are committed to working through this challenging time and fulfilling our commitments towards high qualitive services and support and improving the quality of patients’ lives by giving them access to medicines throughout the entire drug development life cycle.


Novitan is FMD compliant

The Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) imposes a number of safety measures to ensure the official European medicines market is free of counterfeit products. From 9 February 2019 onward, every prescription, manufactured or imported in Europe, not only needs to be sealed, but also needs to display a unique identification code.


To be FMD compliant, Novitan is using Movilitas.Cloud to establish the connection to the production system of the Belgian NMVS and is using Movilitas Mobile to perform all scanning actions required as wholesaler.


We are moving to Evolis in 2021 !

Novitan is building a new future-proof facility in Evolis Business Park, Kortrijk. Evolis is awarded by the government as “Flanders Smartest Business park”, only accepting innovative companies. We are planning to be fully operational in the new premises in april 2021.


The building is designed by award winning  architects Govaert & Vanhoutte (


Celebrating 25 years of experience

Novitan was founded in 1992 and is celebrating more than 25 years of experience in health supply.